15 Years of “Run It!”

15 Years of “Run It!”

Today in 2005, the world got to meet 16-year-old Christopher Maurice Brown.

Breezy’s debut single, “Run It!” (featuring Juelz Santana), came just in time for summer ‘05 and was an instant success. Produced by Scott Storch and co-written by Storch and Sean Garrett, the track was as radio-friendly as a track could get in 2005.

As I listen to the track in 2020, it sounds a little “crunkier” than I remember —- I’m almost bracing myself for Lil Jon to scream “Okay!” All of this was probably by design, as were still in the crunk era of hip-hop and contemporary R&B —- albeit in its last days.

Crunk elements aside, Storch and Garrett were at the height of their powers, so there was no denying “Run It!”

Fifteen years later, the track still knocks. Join me in celebrating this classic.

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