Childish Gambino Releases Two New Songs

Childish Gambino Releases Two New Songs

I find Childish Gambino (gubment name Donald Glover) annoying because he is the hipster’s hipster and he also has problematic ways. He is a prime candidate for cancellation and I’m not even sure why I’m making this post, but I will reflect on that later over a plate of rice (#AllCarbSundays).

Anyway, a few days ago, he released two new songs called “Feels Like Summer” and “Summertime Magic.” I guess he has summer on his mind. “Feels Like Summer” is a snoozefest, but “Summertime Magic” is actually decent (i.e. I would like the song a whole lot more if a less annoying person made it). Check both tracks out below.

Childish Gambino – “Feels Like Summer”

Childish Gambino – “Summertime Magic”

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