Live Performance: Billie Eilish & Alicia Keys – “Ocean Eyes”

Live Performance: Billie Eilish & Alicia Keys – “Ocean Eyes”

If you ever wondered if the name of this website was just a name, I’d like to point out that I never bothered to listen to Billie Eilish’s music until a few months ago because her hipster persona was simply insufferable. However, good music is good music, and luckily, I heard a snippet of “Ocean Eyes” during a TV segment about her. I was so impressed that I downloaded it and then listened to her No. 1 hit, “Bad Guy,” from start to finish for the first time.

“Bad Guy” is not just trash, but it is trash in the exact way I thought it would be.

Anyway, back to “Ocean Eyes.” The song is three minutes and twenty seconds of synth-y goodness, and even though Billie is definitely a bit overrated, she is quite the vocalist.

This past week, Alicia Keys and Billie Eilish got together to perform a piano-driven version of the song, and quite frankly, I need someone to pump it into my veins because it is just that good. Check it out below.

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