Music Video: 6ix9ine – “GOOBA”

Music Video: 6ix9ine – “GOOBA”

Earlier today, 6ix9ine just dropped a new video that looks a lot like one of his old videos.

Lyrically, “GOOBA” is also a lot like his other stuff — stoopid, dummy, etc. One small but critical difference is the absence of the “Treway” ad libs, which is understandable considering his relinquished membership of the gang he once repped.

Today is Tekashi’s 24th birthday, and he celebrated with an IG Live that attracted two million viewers — a new record. Also, with over 17 million views on YouTube in just eight hours, the “GOOBA” video is on pace to have highest number of views in 24 hours for a hip-hop video. That record is currently held by Eminem, who racked up 38.1 million first-day views for “Killshot” (which is technically not a music video).

Watch “GOOBA” below.

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