Music Video: Ari Lennox – “Pressure”

Music Video: Ari Lennox – “Pressure”

When we speak of “understanding the assignment,” this is precisely what we mean.

Ari Lennox just released a song and video that are, together, simply the best thing she’s ever done. Based on a sample of “Blessed Is the Woman” by Shirley Brown, “Pressure” gives every single thing that needed to be gave: A strong melody, tight production, and lyrics that make you want to sing along on the first listen.

Co-written by the singer herself along with a dream team that includes Johntá Austin, Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox, “Pressure” is what R&B in 2021 could be if everybody stopped playing. It is simply spectacular.

And as if the song wasn’t magical enough on its own, the video for “Pressure” pays homage to Diana Ross, Donna Summer and — in Ari’s words — “every fine ass woman in the 2000s.” Click play and give praise to the music gods.

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