Music Video: Chlöe – “Surprise”

Music Video: Chlöe – “Surprise”

Chlöe’s “Surprise” is unsurprisingly sexy, but unlike her last two singles, she’s taking it slow this time. Written by the singer herself, Feli Ferraro, IllaDaProducer and Scott Storch (and produced by the latter two), the mid-tempo track is 2022’s version of baby-making music. The song is good on the first listen, and the video matches the mood perfectly — model Broderick Hunter plays Chlöe’s lover.

The video also ends with a plot twist: After talking all that nasty freaky shit with Broderick, Chlöe appears to be setting up another, ahem, appointment as he leaves for the night. It’s not clear what the circumstances are — is Broderick the main or the side? — but we do know her upcoming debut album includes a track called “Cheat Back.”

Y’all be safe out there.

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