Music Video: Drake – “Laugh Now Cry Later” (featuring Lil Durk)

Music Video: Drake – “Laugh Now Cry Later” (featuring Lil Durk)

Drake is back, and at this point, it’s not even fair because he is running laps around the rap game.

The Toronto native dropped “Laugh Now Cry Later” (featuring Lil Durk) a few hours ago and announced that a new album, titled Certified Lover Boy, is on its way. Based on that album title, my guess is that Drizzy will be giving us all of the things his haters hate him for — with intention. And we love to see it.

“Laugh Now Cry Later” is perhaps the slowest of Drake’s lead singles, but all the key elements are there: A melody that draws you in; a beat that makes you nod your head; and lyrics that stick.

Unsurprisingly, Drake spends most of the song talking about his favorite topic: His haters. It is not uncommon for rappers to rap about their detractors, but with Drake, the lyrics hit different because of the irrational disdain he has had to deal with for much of his career.

The most noteworthy line on “Cry Later” is perhaps the one where Lil Durk takes an apparent dig at 6ix9ine, saying that “we don’t listen to rats.” The video shows Drake playing different sports and includes cameos from Odell Beckham Jr., Kevin Durant and Marshawn Lynch, among others.

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