Music Video: Lil Nas X – “Holiday”

Music Video: Lil Nas X – “Holiday”

Lil Nas X is back with a new song that sounds a lot like one of his old songs.

If “Panini” had to a half-brother, it’d be “Holiday,” which is not only similar in beat and cadence, but also has a video that might as well be a continuation of the “Panini” clip. B

What’s interesting about “Holiday,” however, is how it reflects on LNX’s journey so far — he is without shame when he admits that “Old Town Road” was a gimmick-powered success. He also brags about his chart success and the respect he gets from rappers despite being a “pop star.”

“Holiday” was produced by Tay Keith and Take a Daytrip — the latter of which also produced “Panini” — and is the lead single from Lil Nas X’s full-length debut. Check it out below.

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