Music Video: Mariah Carey – “Underneath the Stars”

Music Video: Mariah Carey – “Underneath the Stars”

It’s not often that a 25-year-old song gets a music video, but this week, the stars aligned and underneath them stood Mariah Carey’s lambs.

Mimi released a clip for “Underneath the Stars,” the second track on Daydream and the album’s planned fourth single in the US. Somewhere along the line, plans to release the song were shelved despite having filmed a music video. No clear reason has ever been given.

Back in 2012, Mariah revealed the existence of a video, but added that it was lost. However, the music gods smiled on us and now we have the long-lost video, which is a mixture of behind-the-scenes shots from the Daydream World Tour and a young Mariah chilling, laying upon the grass, underneath the stars.

If you’re wondering why such a romantic and particularly descriptive song doesn’t have a 26-year-old Mariah cupcakin’ with a love interest, it’s because she was married to a 46-year-old man who was jealous and possessive.

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