Music Video: Teyana Taylor – “Issues/Hold On”

Music Video: Teyana Taylor – “Issues/Hold On”

If there ever was an artist whose image completely undermined her music, it is Teyana Taylor. Every time I hear one of her songs, I find myself feeling surprised — at how good it is, but also that she sings (and beautifully, I might add). For some reason, I keep thinking she’s a rapper even though I’ve heard many of her songs.

“Issues/Hold On” is the second single from Teyana’s 2018 album, KTSE, and it’s a soulful ballad about the ups and downs of a relationship. Its video is set in the ’70s and features A$AP Rocky, who plays Teyana’s flirtatious husband. Lori Harvey plays a potential “other woman,” which is quite fitting given her growing reputation as a man-eater.

Tyler the Creator also makes an appearance in the video. Check it out below.

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