Music Video: The Weeknd – “Take My Breath”

Music Video: The Weeknd – “Take My Breath”

The Weeknd is back with new music but the Canadian is sticking with the old formula, and we can’t blame him.

With the final single from his last album, After Hours, still in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, The Weeknd’s new era is coming so soon that it feels very much like an addendum to the last one. And with the ’80s pop style of “Take My Breath,” it sounds like the singer is sticking with the sound that gave him record-breaking success.

The “Take My Breath” video takes place at party that gives the kind of sexy, druggy, rock-n-roll-y energy we’ve come to expect from Abel. It, of course, ends with a dominatrix type trying to, err, take the singer’s breath.

Would it be a Weeknd video if death wasn’t a theme? Click play.

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