New Music: Ariana Grande – “Imagine”

New Music: Ariana Grande – “Imagine”

Let me just start by saying that Mariah Carey is somewhere seething at this track. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Ariana Grande just dropped “Imagine,” presumably the second single from her upcoming album, which she has described as First Wives Club if it were an album. Produced by Happy Perez and Andrew “Pop” Wansel, the song is a sexy mid-tempo about cupcaking with your boo. It’s supposed to be about denial, but if you’re not aware of what’s happening in her personal life, you might not be able to pick up on that theme.

The highlight of the song is when she hits a few sharp whistle notes that will make you sit up. Its noteworthy not just because she’s showcasing the breadth of her vocal range, but also because it indicates that she is back to emulating her idol, Mariah Carey, more openly. After being shaded Mimi a few times, she kinda went out of her way to avoid the comparison. These whistle notes say “I don’t give a fuck.”

Listen to “Imagine” below.

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