This Was Kinda Stupid

This Was Kinda Stupid

So…Kendrick Lamar headlined the Hangout Music Festival this past Sunday (May 20) in Gulf Shores, Alabama. During his performance, he invited a white girl onstage to rap along to “m.A.A.d City,” which is laden with the n-word (especially the chorus, where almost every line ends with the word).

The white girl rapped the n-word with her chest and in a way that suggested that she knew she was crossing a line — I mean, how couldn’t she? Kendrick stops her mid-chorus (to which she responds, “What? I’m not cool enough for you?” and “I’m used to singing it like you wrote it”) and asks her to censor herself. She plays dumb and acts like she didn’t know she had used that word (“Did I do it?”), and then apologizes (“I gotchu!”).

Oops! She REALLY had no idea, guys! Watch the clip below.

Full disclosure: I am not much of a Kendrick Lamar fan. I like some of his songs, but I think he is gravely overrated and a little bit insincere.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me just say that this entire exercise was kinda stupid. It appeared to be designed to make an example out of one white fan so others could learn, but all Kendrick did was create an opportunity for a white person to use the n-word onstage at his own concert while having just enough wiggle room to claim innocence.

Some white people love the fact that a song gives them an excuse to use the n-word. Asking them to censor themselves will only work while they’re in your presence (and some might even defy you in the name of “it’s just a song”). When there’s no black person in the room, or the next time they’re at a rap concert (where it has now become somewhat acceptable), they’ll be back to screaming that word.

In short, Kendrick Lamar wasted his time.

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