Throwback Thursday: Deniece Williams – “Silly”

Throwback Thursday: Deniece Williams – “Silly”

For as long as this website has existed, I have always wanted to have this song as a TBT selecton, and with today being Deniece Williams’ 71st birthday, there is no better time.

“Silly” was released as the second single from Williams’ fifth album, My Melody. Written by Fritz Baskett, Clarence McDonald and Williams herself, the song is sung from the perspective of a forlorn woman who can’t seem to get her man — or rather, the man she wants — to reciprocate interest. And because silly is the name of the game, said woman is lying to her friends about happy she is in her make-believe relationship.

From the lyrics to the vocal delivery, “Silly” captures the sadness of unrequited love in a special way. The song would only make it to No. 53 on the Billboard Hot 100, but any true R&B knows it is an absolute classic. It has been covered by Patti LaBelle (among others) and was even sampled by Monica on her 2010 hit, “Everything to Me.”

If you haven’t heard this song before, thank me later.

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