Throwback Thursday: Diana Ross & Michael Jackson – “Upside Down” (Live)

Throwback Thursday: Diana Ross & Michael Jackson – “Upside Down” (Live)

When it comes to live performances, there are few musical acts who have given us more iconic moments than Diana Ross. And with this Thursday being her birthday, it was imperative that we revisited one of her legendary performances.

In a 1981 TV special, Diana Ross performed many of her greatest hits, including “Upside Down,” her fifth No. 1 hit as a solo act and 17th overall — also, the lead single from Diana (1980), her tenth and most successful studio album.

In this performance, Miss Ross brought the glam we all know and love her for. She also brought Michael Jackson — her “baby” — onstage during the performance. The two had become close friends over the years and their chemistry made for a magical moment despite being an otherwise simple performance.

At the risk of sounding like an old clam, it has to be said: They don’t make ’em like this no more.

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