Throwback Thursday: Guy – “Piece of My Love”

Throwback Thursday: Guy – “Piece of My Love”

One of the specialties of R&B acts of the late ’80s and early ’90s was an ability to make the most trifling songs sound romantic.

One of such songs is “Piece of My Love” by Guy, a mid-tempo that is sung so beautifully that you might be tempted to pick it as the song to be played during the first dance at your wedding. In actuality, it is sung from the perspective of a cheating man offering a piece of his love to a potential side chick.

Aaron Hall sings his ASS off, so the toxicity of the song’s message goes almost undetected. And if the vocals aren’t enough to distract, the beat will definitely do it.

Like many of the greatest R&B songs ever, “Piece of My Love” is an album cut. However, it is well-known among true R&B fans and was even the subject of an urban legend that accuses Aaron Hall of saying “dumb bitch” at the beginning of the song.

Spoiler Alert: He says nothing of the sort.

“Piece of My Love” was sampled in Mariah Carey’s “Crybaby,” which speaks to Mariah’s taste, but more importantly, to the impact of this song that was never intended to be a hit.

If this is your introduction to this song, thank me later.

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