Throwback Thursday: Kelly Price – “As We Lay”

Throwback Thursday: Kelly Price – “As We Lay”

“As We Lay” is a story about a remorseful side chick. After fucking on someone else’s man all night, the protagonist wakes up to a feeling of guilt. She got a man. He got a girl. It’s nothing but sin in this house!

As far as storytelling goes, it doesn’t get much better than this. And as far as vocal performances go, this song is a treat for any true lover of R&B. The original version of this song, performed by Shirley Murdock, was released in 1986; 14 years later, Kelly Price covered the song for her sophomore album, Mirror Mirror. Both versions are absolutely amazing.

Today is Kelly Price’s birthday, so that’s the version I’ve selected. Also, Aunt Shirley’s version doesn’t have a music video — she does, however, play Kelly’s mother in the video for the cover. Watch below.

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