Throwback Thursday: Shalamar – “This Is for the Lover in You”

Throwback Thursday: Shalamar – “This Is for the Lover in You”

When it comes to popular music, heroes don’t come as unsung as Shalamar.

In trio’s 13-year run, it only managed to achieve two top 20 hits. However, quite a few of its singles that failed to crack the top 40 are now considered classics among R&B connoisseurs. One of such songs is “This Is for the Lover in You,” the third single from the group’s fourth LP, Three for Love (1980).

Written by group member Howard Hewett and Dana Meyers, “Lover in You” didn’t even make it onto the Billboard Hot 100, but was a top 20 hit on the R&B charts. It doesn’t cite any samples, but Lord knows it bears a striking resemblance to Teddy Pendergrass’ “Close the Door.” No lawsuit has ever been made, so let’s just roll with it.

Like many other gems that go unnoticed at the time of their initial release, “Lover in You” resurfaced more than 15 years later — this time, as the basis of a 1996 single by Babyface (which featured the group as well as LL Cool J). And this time, as a top 10 hit.

Today is Howard Hewett’s 65th birthday, so in honor of him and this masterpiece he crafted, click play.

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