Throwback Thursday: Sporty Thievz – “No Pigeons”

Throwback Thursday: Sporty Thievz – “No Pigeons”

It was May of 1999 when one of the greatest musical responses first hit the airwaves. Just three months after TLC’s “No Scrubs” was released, Sporty Thievz made the song of every butthurt man’s dreams.

“No Pigeons” was a biting clapback that called out no-good women for having too many baby favas and rocking their best friends’ coats, among other infractions. The song is as hilarious today as it was in 1999; however, now that I’m older, I understand that it is only a certain kind of man who’d feel compelled to respond to “No Scrubs.”

The dissection of that mentality is not nearly worth it (at least not today), so I’m just going to go on my merry way down memory lane. Walk with me!

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