Throwback Thursday: TLC – “Red Light Special”

Throwback Thursday: TLC – “Red Light Special”

This week in 1995, TLC released what might be the quintessential baby-making song: “Red Light Special.”

Written and produced by da gawd Babyface, “Red Light Special” was the second single from the group’s blockbuster album, CrazySexyCool. The song is all sex. From beginning to end. And somehow, it succeeds in being immensely sexual without being too explicit.

The video for “Red Light Special” fully and completely matches the energy of the song. Super sexy and yet not too raunchy to be played on daytime television.

The video shows all three members of the group playing poker in a room full of mostly of half-naked men, including a young Boris Kodjoe. As it turns out, the video is set in a brothel and the men are prostitutes. And Left Eye is their pimp.

If I said I was able to glean all of that information on my own, I’d be lying. Shout-out to Wikipedia.

In addition to celebrating this song’s 25th anniversary, we’re also going up for Chilli, who turns 49 today. Click play.

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