Throwback Thursday: Wyclef Jean – “Two Wrongs” (featuring Claudette Ortiz)

Throwback Thursday: Wyclef Jean – “Two Wrongs” (featuring Claudette Ortiz)

If you asked the average person why The Beatles broke up, they’d probably point a finger at John Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, because that has been the prevailing narrative in pop culture lore. It was always just easier to blame a woman.

However, in the case of the short-lived group, City High, it was indeed a woman who led to the group’s demise. And unlike The Beatles, the woman was a member of the group. CLaudette Ortiz, the sole lady in the trio (who turns 41 years old today), dated bandmate Robbie Pardlo and later got married to her other bandmate, Ryan Toby. This group didn’t survive this love triangle of sorts, which was discussed in Episode 27 of the podcast.

Scandal aside, Claudette is an amazing vocalist. She released a few singles as a solo artist, but was never quite able to duplicate the success the enjoyed with City High. Her finest work is without a doubt her collabo with Wyclef Jean, “Two Wrongs,” which was the lead single for his third studio album, Masquerade.

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