Keke Palmer Files Temporary Restraining Order Against Darius Jackson

Keke Palmer Files Temporary Restraining Order Against Darius Jackson

According US Weekly, Keke Palmer filed a temporary restraining order against the father of her child, Darius Jackson, earlier today. In the filing, she says that he has been physically abusive towards her throughout their two-year relationship, which she says ended last month primarily due to the physical and emotional abuse she endured.

The filing describes a November 5 incident where he came into her home without her knowledge before, in her own words, “lunging for my neck, striking me, throwing me over the couch and stealing my phone.” She also accuses him of destroying her property (including her diary and glasses); throwing her stuff into the street; throwing her car keys to prevent her from leaving; “spewing profanities” about her to their eight-month-old son, Leodis Jackson; hitting her in front of their son; and threatening to “kill himself with a gun” if she leaves him.

In addition to the restraining order, Keke is filing for sole custody of her son.

All of this comes just months after the couple made headlines when Darius publicly took issue with Keke’s outfit at an Usher concert, after which they both unfollowed each other. It was assumed they split, but they went live on Instagram together on Keke’s 30th birthday in August (where he referred to her as his “partner in crime”), leading people to believe they had reconciled.

Since the news of the filings broke, Darius has tweeted a pic of himself with he and Keke’s son, ending it with “see you soon.” An hour after that tweet, his brother, actor Sarunas J. Jackson, made and quickly deleted a tweet that said, in part, “The most disgusting, vile, abusive, manipulative person I have EVER encountered in my entire life.” He also adds, “Y’all will see.”

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