Music Video: Ariana Grande – “Yes, And?”

Music Video: Ariana Grande – “Yes, And?”

Ariana Grande has a few things to get off her chest on newest single “Yes, And?”

The song’s title is a response to commentary about the singer’s headline-making (and somewhat scandalous) romantic life and recent weight loss, the latter of which she previously addressed in a TikTok video.

Written and produced by Ariana, Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh, “Yes, And?” sounds a lot like it samples the beat on the Shep’s House Mix of Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much,” later made famous by Madonna’s “Vogue.” However, there’s no line the credits about a sample, so either an agreement was made behind the scenes or a lawsuit is coming.

In the wake — or midst — of the Renaissance era (which includes a sampling of “Vogue”), it is hard to not come away from “Yes, And?” without feeling like we’re seeing a bit of Beyoncé’s influence. Ariana is on record citing Bey as an inspiration, so this isn’t at all far-fetched.

The “Yes, And?” video, which pokes fun at Ariana’s critics, has been watched 8.4 million times on YouTube in the 30 hours since its release. Basically, unless something drastic happens, Ponytail is about to get her eighth No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 (and her sixth debut at the summit).

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