Throwback Thursday: Allure – “Head over Heels” (featuring Nas)

Throwback Thursday: Allure – “Head over Heels” (featuring Nas)

In February of 1997, R&B quartet Allure released their debut single, “Head over Heels” (featuring Nas).

From the vocal arrangement to the lyrics to the reliance on an ’80s hip-hop sample (MC Shan’s “The Bridge”), the song is objectively Mariah-esque, and that is no accident. It was co-written and co-produced by Miss Carey herself, and she even makes a rather audible contribution to the background vocals.

Allure was signed to Mariah’s short-lived label, Crave Records. No official reason was ever given for the label’s closure, but it came months after her Mariah’s divorce from Tommy Mottola was finalized. Mr. Mottola was the head of Sony Music Entertainment, Crave’s parent label. Fill in the blanks.

“Head over Heels” was a top 40 hit, but its one of those songs that is only popular among R&B heads of a certain age. If you’ve never heard this one before, click play and than me later.

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