Throwback Thursday: Ginuwine – “Same Ol’ G”

Throwback Thursday: Ginuwine – “Same Ol’ G”

Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, better known as Ginuwine, turns 50 years old today, so this week’s TBT selection was a no-brainer.

When people think about Ginuwine, the first song that often comes to mind is “Pony,” and for good reason. It was his very first single and easily his most recognizable song.

“Pony” is a great song — a classic, in fact — but a part of me feels like it has taken all the oxygen in the room that is Ginuwine’s legacy. Of all the neglected gems in Ginuwine’s catalog, none bothers me more than “Same Ol’ G.”

Released in July of ’98, “Same Ol’ G” was a single from the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack. It wasn’t a hit song — mainly because there was no CD issuance for the single — but it’s one that measures up to Ginuwine’s biggest hits. Also, in terms of production and songwriting, it is among Timbaland’s best work.

Click play and join me in celebrating the life and career of Ginuwine.

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