Throwback Thursday: Maxwell – “This Woman’s Work” (Live Version)

Throwback Thursday: Maxwell – “This Woman’s Work” (Live Version)

For a variety of reasons, the ’90s were some of the best years in the history of popular music. One of those reasons is that the decade gave us some amazing covers. Remakes were done with love and care, and quite often, they outshone the originals — “I Will Always Love You,” anyone?

“This Woman’s Work” is a song that was written, produced and originally performed by Kate Bush. Released in 1989, the song is a beautifully haunting tale the trials of childbirth, sung from the perspective of a man waiting outside of a hospital room while his wife is in the delivery room. Kate Bush wrote the song specifically for a scene in the move She’s Having a Baby.

Maxwell covered the song in 1997 for his MTV Unplugged set. His version since been added to the canon of baby-making jams, which is interesting when you consider what the lyrics are about, and also a true testament to the fact that Maxwell can make anything sound romantic.

A studio version of the song was recorded for Maxwell’s third studio album, Now, and released as a single in 2002. However, the Unplugged version is the clear winner.

In honor of this classic cover and in celebration of Maxwell’s 46th birthday (which is today), join me in revisiting this classic.

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