Throwback Thursday: Missy Elliott – “Teary Eyed”

Throwback Thursday: Missy Elliott – “Teary Eyed”

In a catalog full of classics, it is very easy for quality songs to be obscured.

And we’re not talking about album cuts here. We’re talking about the singles that didn’t quite go all the way. The ones that didn’t crack the top 40. The ones didn’t quite leave an imprint on the public consciousness.

For Missy Elliott, one of such songs is “Teary Eyed,” the second single from her sixth album, The Cookbook. Written by the singer and Warryn Campbell (and produced by the latter), the song is about a relationship that comes to a (possibly) tragic end after an apparent infidelity. None of this is spelled out in the lyrics, but the video definitely fills the blanks in.

“Teary Eyed” underperformed in every market and missed the Billboard Hot 100 altogether, but to say that this isn’t solid song would be untrue. Lyrically and melodically, it is a strong showing and arguably one of the best R&B songs in Missy’s catalog.

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