Throwback Thursday: Patra – “Banana”

Throwback Thursday: Patra – “Banana”

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there is no exact formula for commercial success in the music industry.

That being said, there are certain artists’ whose lack of traction bother me particularly. One of such artists is dancehall queen Patra.

She had a string of singles in the mid-‘90s that were loved by the true patrons of the arts, but to broader audiences, she is largely unknown. If this post is your introduction to Patra, I implore to explore her catalog.

Patra’s sophomore album, Scent of Attraction, includes a track called “Banana” that is as raunchy and danceable as they come, and perhaps could’ve been a hit if it was released during the dancehall wave of the early 2000s. Click play and thank me later.

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