Throwback Thursday: Wyclef Jean – “Gone Till November” (featuring New York Philharmonic)

Throwback Thursday: Wyclef Jean – “Gone Till November” (featuring New York Philharmonic)

It’s a Thursday in November, so this week’s TBT feels particularly appropriate.

This month in 1997, Wyclef Jean released “Gone Till November” as the third single from his solo debut album, The Carnival. Writing and produced solely by the rapper/singer, the song features the New York Philharmonic, whose strings lift the chorus all the way to heaven.

“Gone Till November” is written from the perspective of a man who get locked up while trying to make money the fast way, and has now to explain to his lady that he’ll be gone for a while. The album version of the song, which features rapped verses, is by far the superior version, but most people will probaby be more familiar with the single version, which is sung from top to bottom and has much softer bass line.

The remix of “Gone Till November” features R. Kelly, Canibus and an uncredited and a not-yet-famous Beyoncé. R. Kelly doesn’t appear in the video for the remix, but Canibus and Destiny’s Child are in it (as is legendary radio host Big Boy). The music video for the original, shot at LAX, features a cameo by Bob Dylan, who is named in the second verse when Wyclef references “Knockin’on Heaven’s Door.”

“Gone Till November” remains one of Wyclef’s biggest hits as a solo artst — its by far the biggest among all songs where he is credited as a lead artist. The song peaked at No. 7 in the US and No. 3 in the UK.

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