Throwback Thursday: Eve – “Love Is Blind” (featuring Faith Evans)

Throwback Thursday: Eve – “Love Is Blind” (featuring Faith Evans)

In August of 1999, Eve released “Love Is Blind” (featuring Faith Evans) as the second single from her debut LP, Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady. The song is heart-wrenching, mostly true story about Eve’s best friend’s experience with an abusive boyfriend, who beat her even while she was pregnant with his child. The only difference between the song and the real-life events is that Eve’s friend escaped the relationship, while the character in the song is eventually killed by her abusive boyfriend, after which Eve kills him.

“Love Is Blind” wasn’t a major chart hit, but it is a standout in Eve’s catalog. Lyrically and delivery-wise, it is arguably Eve’s strongest performance and a perfect example of hip-hop as a storytelling art form.

On what is Eve’s 44th birthday, let’s revisit this classic.

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