Throwback Thursday: Sade – “Is It a Crime?”

Throwback Thursday: Sade – “Is It a Crime?”

Sade worship is not something we do around here, but that being said, we always give credit where it’s due. And on “Is It a Crime?,” it is well-earned.

Released as the second single from the group’s second album, Promise, is a jazzy lamentation by a forlorn ex-lover who wants that old thang back even though it’s bad for her. The song lasts for over six minutes, and even at its conclusion, you’re left wanting more because heartbreak and desperation have never sounded so sweet.

The question of whether Sade is overrated is a valid one that not enough people are willing to have, but what is not up for debate is that the group has a few gems in its catalog. “Is It a Crime?” wasn’t a major chart hit, but as we all know, the charts don’t tell it all. Click play.

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