Music Video: Chlöe – “Have Mercy”

Music Video: Chlöe – “Have Mercy”

After a good two months of teasing and promo, Chlöe just dropped her first single as a solo artist, “Have Mercy.”

The danger of a very long runway ahead of a release is that the potential for disappointment is high. Anything short of groundbreaking will be met with a “meh.”

“Have Mercy” is not groundbreaking, but it is a decent first outing for the newly solo singer. It has a hook that could grow on you if you listen to it enough times.

The best thing about “Have Mercy” is easily its music video, which has all the gloss, choreo and high fashion you’d expect from an artist mentored by Beyoncé. The clip shows Chlöe playing something of a modern-day Medusa, turning her love interest (played by Rome Flynn) into stone. Throughout the video, you hear news reports about a missing man, and we even see an investigator (played by Tina Knowles) surveilling Chlöe’s crib.

Watch the video below.

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