Doja tapped SZA for “Kiss Me More,” the lead single from her upcoming album, Planet Her.

Co-written by both artists along with Dr. Luke, tizhimself, Rogét Chahayed, Carter Lang and Yeti Beats, “Kiss Me More” is a nu-disco that will have you nodding on the first listen.

While the song is great, it is a bit surprising that two female artists chose to work with Dr. Luke, who has been in a seven-year legal battle with Kesha, who accused him of drugging and raping her. But I digress.

Watch the “Kiss Me More” video below.

As the world continues to pray for DMX, who suffered a heart attack six days ago and is still in a coma, there is no better time to honor this hip-hop legend.

“Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” was the third single from the rapper’s debut album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. Produced and co-written by Swizz Beatz, DMX supposedly rejected it at first, saying that it sounded too much like a rock song — and in a way, he was right. And whether or not it was intended, DMX maintained a kind of appeal that is unique to rock stars — moderately successful singles, but hugely successful albums and live shows.

Given how much of a classic it has become, it’s hard to grasp that “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” only peaked at No. 93 on the Billboard Hot 100. But as I have mentioned in other posts, the charts don’t always tell the full story.

Join me in celebrating DMX and this iconic song!

If you’ve been on TikTok at all lately, you’ve probably heard this song, which was the soundtrack to a viral challenge earlier this year.

The #TrackStarChallenge shows social media users — usually young women — running as the hook of “Track Star” by Mooski plays. For the longest time, I thought he was singing about a young woman who’s about her business, running and staying on the move to get her paper right. I was wrong.

“Track Star” is about a woman with commitment issues who ends every relationship prematurely. The not-so-great singing and association with a silly viral challenge may lead some to overlook the lyrics, but if you pay attention, Mooski is spittin’. Also, this kind of vulnerability is what’s missing in R&B right now.

The track star in the video is singer Coi Leray. She puts Mooski through hell and breaks up with him only to try to get back together. Watch the video all the way to the end. You won’t be disappointed.

Last week, we didn’t have any TBT post because yours truly was celebrating a birthday. To make up for that, I’m blessing you with two selections.

Y’know…someone once told me that her pastor said that March 25 was the second-most important day of the year. Because it was the day Jesus was conceived. I laugh, but I agree that 3/25 is indeed special.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Juvenile, Big Sean and Gloria Steinem, among many other illustrious figures, were born on that glorious day. And as if that day didn’t have its fair share of legend babies, Aretha Franklin and Elton John had to come through. I mean…look at the material.

As a belated celebration, this week’s second TBT post is a 1993 performance of “Chain of Fools” delivered on the TV special Aretha Franklin: Duets. This version is special because Smokey Robinson, Rod Stewart and birthday mate Elton John sing backup for Queen Aretha. Legends only.

It’s the first of tha month, and it’s also a Thursday, so was there really any other choice?

While “Crossroads” is by far the biggest hit in the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony catalog, “1st of tha Month” is arguably just as memorable. Released in June 1995 as the first single from the group’s sophomore set, E. 1999 Eternal, the song is an ode to welfare checks, which are issued on the first day of the month. Because so many other things happen on the first day of every month — like rent payments and other bills — the song has come to mean different things for different people.

Happy first of tha month!

Justin Bieber tapped Daniel Caesar and Giveon for “Peaches,” a groovy mid-tempo that is perhaps JB’s most soulful release yet. The song is the fifth single from Justin’s sixth LP, Justice, which dropped today.

While Justin’s sound has always been R&B-ish, on “Peaches,” we get to make a direct comparison that shows that he really doesn’t have an R&B voice. Daniel Caesar and Giveon ride the beat with a certain ease that Justin couldn’t quite replicate, but he gets a B+ for effort.

Watch the video below.

If you ask the average person to mention who comes to mind when they hear “multi-hyphenate,” there are a few names that tend to come up first: Jamie Foxx; Jennifer Lopez; Queen Latifah. And for good reason.

Unfortunately, one name that often gets left out is that of singer, songwriter, producer, actress, fashion designer and beauty queen, Vanessa motherfucking Williams. The only explanation for this is that her acting career has eclipsed everything she’s ever done, thanks to Oscar-worthy performances like the one she gave in Soul Food, where she delivered the greatest movie scene of all time. However, Miss Williams also had a very successful career in music, and before that, was the first Black woman to be crowned Miss America.

Over a seven-year period, Vanessa Williams achieved seven top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including four top 10 hits. Her signature hit, “Save the Best for Last,” ruled the chart for five weeks in 1992 and was nominated for Record and Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards the following year.

Today, which is Miss William’s 58th birthday, I want to remind you all to put some respect on her name.

Today is Paul Wall’s 40th birthday, so it’s only right that we revisit his greatest contribution to popular music.

If you’ve been around here for long enough, you are probably aware that we have strong feelings about Kanye West and his antics in recent years. However, good music is good music, and goddamnit, Kanye has made lots of it.

Whenever I think of Kanye’s best work, “Drive Slow” is one of the first songs to come to mind. Released as the fifth and final single from Late Registration, the song is a caution to every kid trying to be grown before their time. Despite having all the components of a rap hit, the song actually failed to crack any of the Billboard charts — not even rap chart. However, that says nothing about the quality of the track.

Produced by Kanye and based on a sample of Hank Crawford’s version of “Wildflower,” the original version of “Drive Slow” features verses by Paul Wall and GLC, and ad libs from Tony Williams. If there has ever been a time where everyone on a song came with their A game, this was it. The remix of the song includes a verse from T.I. that doesn’t quite measure up, so we’ll pretend it never happened.

Anyway, Kanye and GLC’s verses on “Drive Slow” have lines that I quote till today, but if I had to choose a winner, Paul Wall would be the obvious choice. Few other rappers have ever rode a beat the way the People’s Champ did on this verse, and just a few days ago, there was a viral tweet acknowledging its greatness.

He was never a red-hot superstar, but there’s no denying Paul Wall’s talent. And unlike most white rappers, he has never used his whiteness as a selling point, which speaks to his authenticity.

Join me in celebrating an H-Town legend!