In August of 1999, Eve released “Love Is Blind” (featuring Faith Evans) as the second single from her debut LP, Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady. The song is heart-wrenching, mostly true story about Eve’s best friend’s experience with an abusive boyfriend, who beat her even while she was pregnant with his child. The only difference between the song and the real-life events is that Eve’s friend escaped the relationship, while the character in the song is eventually killed by her abusive boyfriend, after which Eve kills him.

“Love Is Blind” wasn’t a major chart hit, but it is a standout in Eve’s catalog. Lyrically and delivery-wise, it is arguably Eve’s strongest performance and a perfect example of hip-hop as a storytelling art form.

On what is Eve’s 44th birthday, let’s revisit this classic.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who read the company’s statement announcing the end of its partnership with Kanye West.

During a shareholders call earlier today, Adidas executives confirmed plans to begin selling the Yeezy designs under a new name as early as 2023. They also estimate that the end of the partnership with Kanye may cost the company up to $500 million in lost revenue — initial estimates had put that figure at $246 million.

Kyrie Irving is learning the hard way about what happens when you play stupid games.

Just days after he was suspended indefinitely, the Brooklyn Nets have given the player a six-item ultimatum — including condemning the antisemitic documentary he posted — that needs to be satisfied in order to return. This comes after his soft apology posted on Instagram, which game a day after his suspension.

On Friday, Nike announced that it was suspending its partnership with the 30-year-old, whose deal with the company is one of its most lucrative. The suspension comes just days before the scheduled November 8 release of the Kyrie 8 sneakers, which have now been shelved.

Considering how often British acts take over the American charts, it’d be easy to assume we get to hear all of the UK’s best. However, there are many amazing Brits that never ventured stateside.

A fine example of such Brits is Shola Ama, an R&B singer who had a brief but successful run in the late ’90s. Though she was a teenager at the time — born in the same year as Aaliyah and Brandy — she sung like she had been on earth much longer. She scored four top 20 hits in the UK, including two that peaked in the top five.

One of her top five hits was a cover “You Might Need Somebody,” a song originally recorded in 1980 by Turley Richards and made famous by Randy Crawford’s 1981 cover. Quite simply, Shola Ama’s version towers over the others.

We’ll never know for sure how she would’ve fared in the American music market, but one thing’s for sure: Shola Ama is an amazing vocalist who every true R&B fan should know.

Following the release of her latest album, Midnights, Taylor Swift currently occupies all 10 slots in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, which is an unprecedented feat. Earlier this year, Drake held nine of the top 10 slots after the release of Honestly, Nevermind, including the top five. Prior to that, The Beatles held the top five spots back in 1964.

The only other artist included in this week’s top 10 is Lana Del Rey, who is featured on “Snow on The Beach.” This marks the first time in history that no make artist placed in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

All 20 of the ‘Midnights’ tracks placed on the singles chart.

Over on the Billboard 200, the album debuted at No. 1 with 1.58 equivalent album units, which is the fourth-biggest debut week of all time and the biggest since Adele’s 25 set the all-time record with 3.38 million in 2015.

Nearly a year after 30 dropped, Adele is only just releasing her third single from the album.

“I Drink Wine” was a fan favorite right out the gate — who could resist that title? The song doesn’t actually include that phrase, but it is a melodic narration of the singer’s tendency to turn to wine whenever life has her on the ropes.

The video for “I Drink Wine” — which features actor Kendrick Sampson — is easily Adele’s best. It’s colorful, fun, and has the singer coming closer to a boom kack than she ever has — which is still very far.

Watch the video below.

Guns, gore and pregnant nuns.

SZA dropped a video for “Shirt” — a song she first teased two years ago — and it is chaotic in that art house kinda way. LaKeith Stanfield is the Clyde to the singer’s Bonnie as they let them choppas sing everywhere they go.

“Shirt” is believed to be a track on the singer’s long-awaited follow up to Ctrl, which she released in 2017.

Rihanna’s long-awaited new music is here.

“Lift Me Up,” the lead single from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack, is a ballad that pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who played title character in the first movie and passed away in August 2020. The song swas written by Rihanna, Ludwig Göransson, Ryan Coogler (the movie’s director), and Tems. As you listen, it would be hard to not hear Tems singing the song, especially when Rih does Tems-style ad libs at the song’s conclusion.

“Lift Me Up” is reportedly one of two Rihanna songs on the Wakanda Forever soundtrack, which the singer is rumored to be executive-producing. Check it out below.