The video for “Lamb Talk” is just Quavo flexing in all his young rich nigga glory. The song and its video are as standard as it gets as far as Migos are concerned, and I ain’t mad. However, I hope Quavo and his bandmates try to give us a bit more variety as they progress in their careers as a collective and as solo artists. Watch the video.

In an interview with the Mad Hatta Morning Show on Houston’s 97.9 The Box, jazz performer Robert Glasper was asked if he had ever worked with any difficult artists, to which he said yes and gave an example: Lauryn Hill. He claimed that she tried to get him to audition to play in her band, which wouldn’t be a big deal if he wasn’t a signed artist; he also mentioned that she fired bands randomly while on the road, including one time when she started taking auditions for a new band in Tokyo despite already having a band that had flown with her to perform.  She also demands that no one makes eye contact and to be referred to as “Miss Hill,” which is a page from the Book of Ross.

Glasper goes on to say that her ego doesn’t match her accomplishments, explaining that she hasn’t done enough to act the way she does and that her single great accomplishment was stolen — a reference to the plagiarism claims against The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount (rumored to be $5 million). Watch the interview below (he starts talking about Lauryn at the 27:06 mark).

PS: I’m a big fan of people speaking the truth and saying it with their chest, but I hate that this is happening so close to the 20-year anniversary of Miseducation.

Taraji P. Henson stars in the female version of the 2000 film What Women Want (starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt). Henson plays a sports agent who is passed up for an admission into her firm’s partnership because she “doesn’t connect well with men.” She goes to see a psychic (played by Erykah Badu) for help and somehow ends up being able to hear men’s thought, and as you can imagine, comedy ensues.

The cast of What Men Want includes Tracy Morgan, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Max Greenfield, Pete Davidson, Shaquille O’Neal and Grant Hill. The movie is set to hit theaters on January 11, 2019. Watch the trailer below.

The first track from Queen — which I will be reviewing soon — now has a video, and it is every bit as underwhelming as the song. The video starts with this epic tale about a queen that defended her avenged her empire after attack from enemies; it almost gets you excited for what you’re about to see, and then the video starts. And for six minutes, you’re waiting for the action promised to you by that story about war and victory. Watch for yourself. Smh.

::::::::::::::CHUNE ALERT::::::::::::::

Listen…I’ve never doubted that the woman who made “Goodies” and “1, 2 Step” could give us a good song, but she’s been holding out on us these last few years. This collaboration with Nigerian singer Tekno is just what summer needed, and this infusion of Afropop — or “Afrobeats” as some people call it — is just what Ciara needs right now. It’s a fresh sound that doesn’t stray too far away from her artistic domain.

I will take this as an apology for “Level Up.” Check it out below.

Today would’ve been Whitney Houston’s 55th birthday, so it’s only right that this week’s TBT post is dedicated to her.

“How Will I Know” was the fifth single from Nippy’s self-titled debut album and the second of her 11 No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Originally intended for a teenage Janet Jackson (whose management turned it down), the song became Whitney’s after the suits at Arista Records heard it and thought it was the perfect for Whitney’s upcoming debut. And the rest is history.

I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to imagine what “How Will I Know” would sound like if Janet sang it — I actually think it would’ve been dope — but I am thankful that Whitney got a hold of it. No one else could’ve sung it this well.

Almost a month after the track dropped, we now have a video for “Sun in Our Eyes.” I don’t know about this one; yes, a beach setting with lots of popping colors might’ve been too obvious, but this video doesn’t do justice to the song at all. According to MØ, the theme is Peter Pan and the Lost Boys “sailing instead of flying.” I vote nay, but check it out for yourself.