Lizzo comes out swinging on her new single, “Rumors,” which features Cardi B. The song is one big clap back against all of the people talking shit about her weight, who she’s sleeping with, her outfits, and every other new issue people find with Lizzo each week.

“Rumors” is R&B yet pop yet hip-hop yet rock — basically, it’s peak Lizzo. If you liked the up-tempos on Cuz I Love You, you’re definitely gonna like this one. Click play.

Canadian singer Tamia has had an interesting career. She has an amazing voice, conventional good looks, and a catalog full of solid songs. However, she was never the major star that one would’ve expected her to be, which demonstrates once again that the music industry — and quite frankly, life itself — is a bit of a game of luck. Despite all the great things she had going for her, one could argue that she was generally overlooked, and as a result, a lot of good music has been overlooked.

If you ask anyone to hum the first song that comes to mind when they think of Tamia, it will probably be “So Into You,” and for good reason — it is undoubtedly her signature hit. However, anyone who is even remotely familiar with Tamia’s catalog would probably highlight her lead single from her third album, More, as one of her shining moments.

Released in September of 2003, “Officially Missing You” is a guitar-driven ballad sung from the perspective of a forlorn ex-lover who wants that old thang back. The song was written and produced by Marcus Vest — better known as 7 Aurelius — who made a name for himself after producing multiple hits in the heydays of Murder Inc., including “Always on Time,” “Foolish” and the remixes to “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny.”

Because life isn’t fair, “Officially Missing You” only managed to peak at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100, but that says absolutely nothing about the song’s quality. If this is your introduction to this song, thank me later.

The Weeknd is back with new music but the Canadian is sticking with the old formula, and we can’t blame him.

With the final single from his last album, After Hours, still in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, The Weeknd’s new era is coming so soon that it feels very much like an addendum to the last one. And with the ’80s pop style of “Take My Breath,” it sounds like the singer is sticking with the sound that gave him record-breaking success.

The “Take My Breath” video takes place at party that gives the kind of sexy, druggy, rock-n-roll-y energy we’ve come to expect from Abel. It, of course, ends with a dominatrix type trying to, err, take the singer’s breath.

Would it be a Weeknd video if death wasn’t a theme? Click play.

In January of 1977, KC and the Sunshine Band released “I’m Your Boogie Man” as the third single from the group’s fourth album, Part 3. Written by group members Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch, the song is a brilliant example of how the best songwriters can make you think they’re talking about one thing when they’re really talking about something else. While the lyrics might lead you to believe that its being sung from the perspective an infatuated loverboy, the song is actually an ode to the Miami DJ — the metaphoric “boogie man” — who first played the group’s first No. 1 hit, “Get Down Tonight.”

“I’m Your Boogie Man” would become KC and the Sunshine Band’s fourth No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and one of the biggest singles of 1977. Click play and get your entire life.

BadGalRiRi is officially a billionaire.

According to Forbes, Rihanna is now worth $1.7 billion, making her the wealthiest woman in music and the second-wealthiest woman in entertainment — only after Oprah Winfrey, who is worth $2.7 billion.

The bulk of RiRi’s fortune — $1.4 billion — comes from her 50% stake in Fenty Beauty, the makeup line she launched in 2017. The rest of her wealth comes from her stake in Savage X Fenty ($270 million) and her earning as a musician and actress.

Key takeaways:
1. A$AP Rocky is even luckier than we thought.

2. We might never get that album.

But he didn’t.

According to Billboard, DaBaby’s team reached out to multiple festival promoters — including the ones at Lollapalooza — to let them know that the rapper would be making a recorded apology for his ridiculous comments at Rolling Loud. The video was to be played before his performance at Lollapalooza and was supposed to make up for his trash apology on Twitter — which came after he had initially doubled down. The video was also aimed at saving DaBaby’s spots at the various festivals, which were now in jeopardy as public outcry grew louder.

Unfortunately, the video was never made, which is why Lollapalooza yanked him from their lineup just hours before he was scheduled to take the stage.

Sweet baby J.

They’re making an example of this man and we can’t even feel sorry for him because he asked for it.

In the last few hours, Music Midtown, the Austin City Limits Festival, and iHeart Radio Music Festival have all announced that DaBaby will no longer be performing at their respective festivals.

At least seven festivals — including Parklife Festival, Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, and Day N Vegas — have now dropped the rapper from their lineups. He has also been removed from his headlining slot at the Can’t Wait: Live! benefit concert.

UPDATE: Terry Kennedy has been charged with first-degree murder and is facing life in prison.

Skateboarder Terry Kennedy may face homicide charges after the man he assaulted passed away over the weekend.

Kennedy had been arrested on Tuesday for assaulting 23-year-old Josiah Kassahun at an Illinois motel. The man suffered a fractured skulll and concussion, and passed away on Sunday.

According to TMZ, Kennedy has already been charged with aggravated battery in a public place and threatening a public official — during his arrest, he allegedly said, “I will kill one of you police. We kill police where I’m from.”

Bruno Mars & Anderson.Paak — also known as Silk Sonic — released the much-anticipated follow-up to “Leave the Door Open” this past Friday, and quite frankly, they got one with “Skate.” The duo sticks with the ‘70s R&B sound, but this time around, they up the tempo a little bit.

Overall, “Skate” is a lot easier to like than it’s predecessor. And even though it definitely sounds like a song Bruno Mars would make, it feels a lot less like Anderson.Paak was added as an afterthought — which is exactly what “Leave the Door Open” was giving.

Watch the “Skate” video below.