It was May of 1999 when one of the greatest musical responses first hit the airwaves. Just three months after TLC’s “No Scrubs” was released, Sporty Thievz made the song of every butthurt man’s dreams.

“No Pigeons” was a biting clapback that called out no-good women for having too many baby favas and rocking their best friends’ coats, among other infractions. The song is as hilarious today as it was in 1999; however, now that I’m older, I understand that it is only a certain kind of man who’d feel compelled to respond to “No Scrubs.”

The dissection of that mentality is not nearly worth it (at least not today), so I’m just going to go on my merry way down memory lane. Walk with me!

The terms “groundbreaking” and “game-changing” are thrown around pretty loosely these days, but this is an instance where they truly apply. Today in 1983, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video premiered on MTV, and just like that, nothing was the same.

The “Thriller” video revolutionized show business as we know it by demonstrating the possibilities of a well-executed visual. At the time of the video’s release, the Thriller album was over a year old and already the best-selling album of all time; the week after the video’s premier, the album sold an additional one million copies — a big number for any era but astronomical for that time. Over the next few months, the Thriller album would doubled its sales. King shit.

The success of “Thriller” established music videos as an essential promotional tool. It also changed the face of MTV, which began playing more music videos by black artists due to MJ’s popularity. I could go on and on and on, but I’ma stop right here. Watch the “Thriller video — in all of its 14-minute glory — below.

Travis Scott is back with another video, and as you can imagine, the visuals are amazing. We see actual home footage of a young Travis Scott, which transitions into a dream in the video, where “Young Travis” falls from the sky into a forest that eventually turns out to be AstroWorld, the shuttered amusement park after which Travis’ latest album is named. My head hurts. Check the video out below.

After weeks of teasing, we finally have the video for Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next,” which pays homage to some of the greatest “chick flicks” — I hate that term — of all time, namely Bring It On, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and 13 Going on 30. While the video isn’t bad, it doesn’t nearly live up to the hype. Also, I think Ari might have given us a little too much of the good stuff, so there wasn’t much left when we saw the actual video.

As seen in the trailer, we have appearances from Jennifer Coolidge, Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie, but the big surprise is Kris Jenner, who plays Regina George’s “cool mom” — Amy Poehler’s character from Mean Girls. Watch the video below.

Chance the Rapper released two new tracks, “The Man Who Has Everything” and “My Own Thing” (featuring Joey Purp), just under three hours ago. Both tracks sound like standard Chano, or should I say, standard Chicago rap.

“The Man Who Has Everything,” produced by Nascent and Jeremih, reminds me a bit of “Jay-Z’s “Marcy Me”; “My Own Thing” — produced by Stix, JustSpvnk, B-Real, Eric Butler and Verner — reminds me of the  gospel-infused up-tempo on Coloring Book. Both songs are dope. Check ’em out below.

“The Man Who Has Everything”

“My Own Thing”

Lingerie, pasties and lots of ass-shaking. The sex appeal was on a hunnid thousand trillion in the just-released video for the “Good Form” remix, and given the song’s lyrics, I would’ve been disappointed if we got anything less.

The new verse from Lil Wayne was a great addition. Look out for a few famous faces in the video, including Lauren London, Evelyn Lozada and Tyga.

If I had my way, every day would be Thursday. That way, I’d be able to make a TBT post every single day.

I cherish these TBT posts because they allow me to share music that I really love. It is also a lot easier to discuss music that you already have a relationship with — it’s like having to describe an old friend versus a person you just met. Much of my life includes discussions about classic songs that I love, so these posts feel very natural.

This week’s selection is especially important because it is one of my favorite songs of all time. For as superficial and materialistic as I can be, I always remember that the best things in life are free. In 1992, Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson — with an assist from Bel Biv Devoe and Ralph Tresvant — collaborated on a song with that very message, and it was glorious.

Written by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Michael Bivins and Ronnie Devoe, “The Best Things in Life Are Free” was the second single from the Mo’ Money soundtrack. It samples George McCrae’s “I Get Lifted,” which was written by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch — both from K.C. and the Sunshine Band. As far as melodies go, they don’t get much sweeter than “Best Things.” It’s so good that almost nothing else about the song matters, except that it has the dopest new jack swing beat ever. And as if that wasn’t enough, the lyrics are beautifully simple — you will find yourself singing along even if you didn’t want to.

“Best Things” peaked at No. 10 in the US and No. 2 in the UK, which is more evidence that some of the best songs of all time weren’t No. 1 hits. Though it had a music video, I’m posting an audio of the track because the video featured a house version of the song that — though awesome — doesn’t come close to the original. Enjoy this classic!

Young Thug just released the video for “Chanel (Go Get It)” earlier this week, and I gotta say, rappers of today love themselves some special effects. The video features dancing skyscrapers, dancing trees, floating boulders, and a giant snake weaving through a forest. Oh and let’s not forget the Lamborghini that melts Terminator-2-style. Watch the video below.

I skipped on reviewing (or even listening to) Takeoff’s solo album because I had low expectations and I am still kinda recovering from the review of Quavo Huncho — it wasn’t a terrible album, but it wasn’t amazing either and it was hella long. And I’m also tempted to downgrade its rating, but whatever.

Anyway, upon hearing “Casper,” I’m seriously considering giving The Last Rocket a chance. The song manages to be very Migos-esque without sounding tired, and Takeoff snapped on every verse. The video is also dope — it features Takeoff ghostriding his Wraith on the moon. Because that’s what young rich niggas do. Check it out below.