Mariah Carey dropped the “With You” video last night and showed her continued commitment to predictability — it had glamour shot after glamour shot, hair tosses, winks, sultry poses, awkward poses, etc. The only surprising thing about this video is that some of the lip-syncing actually synced with the lyrics of the song, which isn’t standard for Mariah.

The song actually sounds better with the video, but I still think she can do better than this — she will NEED to do better than this if she wants to at least crack the Billboard Hot 100. Watch the video below.

The video for “Taki Taki” is here and it is muy dope. They used the good cameras for this one. Cardi B definitely steals the show, but DJ Snake, Ozuna and Selena Gomez all did their respective things. I wasn’t so sure about this song when it first dropped (mainly because I have a slight aversion to reggaeton), but I definitely like it now. Watch the video below.

The video for “Bubble Gum” just dropped and I have to applaud Quavo for the effort. I love me a big budget video with a semblance of a plot line.

The clip shows Huncho and his lady, played by Draya Michele, in a post-apocalyptic world. Quavo then wears some kind of virtual reality time-traveling headset, which takes him to a futuristic lab full of baddie scientists. Naturally. Check it out below.

The 2018 American Music Awards went down just a few hours ago, and overall, it was a fairly entertaining show. Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello were the big winners of the night, taking home four awards each — including an egregious Artist of the Year win for Taylor. With a total of 22 wins, Taylor now has more AMAs than any other female artist, breaking Whitney Houston’s record of 21 wins.

These days, AMA winners are selected by online voters, so teenyboppers get to be kingmakers for the day. There were lots and lots of questionable wins, but overall, I’ll take this over the Grammys. For the full list of winners, click here.

The show had a couple of solid performances, but one stood head and shoulders above the rest: Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin’s performance of “I Like It.” Check it out below.

Quavo got together with GQ to respond to questions and comments on social media. But here’s the kicker: He responded from a burner account.

In one of his responses, he reveals that Migos and Drake have a collaborative album in the works (!!!). Watch the full video below.

PS: Quavo (and, quite frankly, all three Migos) should be added to the list of inherently funny people.

The next time your significant other catches you creepin’, tell them that it’s not cheating, it’s a whatchamacallit. And when they ask what you mean, refer them to this song.

Ella Mai and Chris Brown have just released a worthy addition to the creep song canon and I am not in the least bit mad. Production-wise, it’s very Chris Brown — think “Loyal.” Check it out below.

At the beginning of this song, it seemed like Swizz Beatz was gonna be rapping throughout, and I got really worried. Luckily, he only did the chorus.

Generally speaking, I’m inclined to melodies, so I typically wouldn’t like songs like this; but for some odd reason, I kinda like this one. It might be because I’m partial to Young Thug. Who knows.

Watch the video below.

Earlier this week, August Alsina dropped “Wouldn’t Leave,” which samples a song of the same name by Kanye West (with an assist from PartyNextDoor). The sampled song is on Ye, and since I’m generally serious about my cancellations, I haven’t heard it. I had a moment of weakness when “I Love It” dropped, but I’m back now.

I’m not sure what the original sounds like, but the production August’s version gives me Joe vibes. The video is just August all by himself in what looks like a Yeezy fit. Check it out below.

Even before her recent BET docu-series and appearance on Tha Carter V, I had Nivea’s “Laundromat” on the docket for a Throwback Thursday post. It’s a song I’ve always loved from a singer that — in my opinion — should’ve been a bigger star. She had the beauty and the talent and all the right people on her side, but for some reason, she was never able to achieve superstardom. It’s another reminder that there are no guarantees in life, especially in show business.

“Laundromat” was released in February 2003 and features R. Kelly, who was still very popular but also in the thick of a court case regarding allegations of statutory rape — the infamous golden shower video had surfaced just one year prior. Given these circumstances, it’s not hard to understand why R. Kelly wasn’t in the song’s music video. Also, Nivea was only 19 (and looked 15).

Nick Cannon appears in the video lip-synching R. Kelly’s verses. At the time, Nick was dating Christina Milian, who would go on to marry (and have a baby by) The-Dream and date Lil Wayne, both of whom Nivea would go on to have children for — she was actually engaged to Weezy at the time and can be seen wearing her engagement ring in the video. Also, Nick would go on to marry Mariah Carey, who is Nivea’s idol. Thank you for allowing me to nerd out for a second.

Watch the video below.