Today is Alanis Morissette’s 49 to birthday, and while she is arguably in possession of a few Grammys she doesn’t deserve, a good song is a good song — and the ‘90s rocker has made a few.

It was too tempting to make “Ironic” today’s pick — it is, after all, her signature hit. However, the shining star in her catalog is her 2002 single, “Hands Clean.”

Released as the lead single from her fifth album, Under Rug Swept, the song is a retelling of an inappropriate (and illegal) relationship she had with an adult man when she was a teenager. It isn’t a new topic for the singer — “You Oughta Know” is also about a problematic relationship. While she has never named the boyfriend in question, it’s assumed that these songs are all about the same question. And in a move that can only be described as an odd choice, Full House star has basically outed himself as the subject.

DaniLeigh was arrested for DUI after a hit-and-run incident around 2am yesterday in Miami. The singer allegedly hit a man in a moped — and ended up dragging his vehicle for a block. She was eventually pulled over, after which she failed two sobriety tests. Her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

According to authorities, an empty bottle of tequila was found in DaniLeigh’s car, which was towed. The man in the moped suffered a kidney laceration and a spinal fracture.

DaniLeigh was cited with leaving the scene of a crash without rendering care, driving under the influence and related property damage. She released on a $9,500 bond after being detained for three hours.

After a nasty $38 million domestic haul on its opening day, the live-action version of The Little Mermaid is expected to gross $125 million in the US alone this weekend, making it the fourth-biggest Memorial Day weekend opening. And with a projection of an additional $80 million outside the States, the movie (starring Halle Bailey as the title character) is well on track to gross over $1 billion (contrary to Mena Massoud’s hot-ass take).

Just a day after losing the Queen of Rock, there as no doubt who today’s TBT selection belonged to.

In 1994, the producers of GoldenEye, the 17th movie in the James Bond series, began making plans for the movie’s theme song. They initially approached Depeche Mode, but due to scheduling conflicts, the band passed on the opportunity. Enter Tina Turner.

While the Queen of Rock has written a hit song or two in her day, she was tapped purely for her singing chops. Bono and The Edge from U2 were asked to write a song, and after learning of Tina Turner’s involvement, agreed to do it. The song was produced by Nellee Hooper.

(Sidebar: Tina Turner wasn’t the only artist to record a theme song for GoldenEye. Ace of Base recorded a song called “The GoldenEye” that was turned down — the band later reworked it into a song called “The Juvenile.”)

As far as Bond theme songs go, “GoldenEye” is one of the best ever. Tina’s deep vocals deliver each word in a way that is sexy yet dangerous, capturing the very essence of the Bond movies. The song didn’t crack the Billboard Hot 100; however, it was a major hit across Europe.

Eight-time Grammy winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Tina Turner has passed away. According to her spokesperson, she died at her home in Zurich after a long illness. She was 83 years old.

In the hours since her passing, everyone from Barack Obama to Beyoncé to Oprah Winfrey has paid tribute to the music icon.

Long live the Queen of Rock.

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In a catalog full of classics, it is very easy for quality songs to be obscured.

And we’re not talking about album cuts here. We’re talking about the singles that didn’t quite go all the way. The ones that didn’t crack the top 40. The ones didn’t quite leave an imprint on the public consciousness.

For Missy Elliott, one of such songs is “Teary Eyed,” the second single from her sixth album, The Cookbook. Written by the singer and Warryn Campbell (and produced by the latter), the song is about a relationship that comes to a (possibly) tragic end after an apparent infidelity. None of this is spelled out in the lyrics, but the video definitely fills the blanks in.

“Teary Eyed” underperformed in every market and missed the Billboard Hot 100 altogether, but to say that this isn’t solid song would be untrue. Lyrically and melodically, it is a strong showing and arguably one of the best R&B songs in Missy’s catalog.

In a statement made via Instagram, Beyoncé hinted at a new project that aims at carrying her mother’s legacy. Her mother, Tina Knowles, owned a salon in Houston back in the day.

The idea of Bey opening a salon seems highly unlikely, so our guess is that she’s releasing a hair care product. The statement was accompanied by a new pic where the icon’s fixing her hair in front of a mirror — with an array of products on the counter.